Dr. Virk is committed to a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to treat facial pain, headaches, temporomandibular joint disorders, and sleep apnea. He has found that by listening carefully to his patients’ concerns, and thoroughly examining and evaluating them, most patients respond to a well-defined treatment approach with a positive outcome.

Many patients have gone through multiple treatments in search of answers and relief with unsuccessful outcomes. We at Texas TMJ Sleep & Facial Pain understands this frustration and involve patients at each step of their treatment to formulate a customized plan for more favorable outcomes. This way by ongoing adjustment of patient treatment regimens may be helpful in reducing pain/suffering and help us ensure that you are receiving the appropriate amount and type of treatment you need at each step in your recovery. Due to Dr. Virk’s extensive training and experience in facial pain, headaches and sleep disorders, he is able to diagnose and manage pain conditions of the head and face that may be unfamiliar to many other medical and dental specialists.

Dr. Virk’s distinct ability to educate his patients about the nature and cause of their pain and/or dysfunction concerns facilitates a unique patient-doctor partnership during the management process. Once the patient embraces this partnership and takes control of this aspect of his or her life, the healing process seems to accelerate.